Why our company?

Why we?

• Cheap and simultaneously professional specialists;

• Multilingual labor force with very good knowledge of Romanian, Russian, English, French, Italian, Bulgarian etc.;

• Extremely fast internet connection (third place in the world);

• 10 years of experience in automotive spare parts area.

Our advantages:

You will have significant economy on the staff expenditures and more time to focus on your core activity

Professional experts, that provide fast and high-quality services

We help you to avoid all the difficulties regarding hiring, training and management of the personnel

Reliability. We have back-up specialists, additional servers and generators. Work will not be interrupted

Cost optimization

Our contact center is well equipped with the latest technology: headsets with noise-cancelling technology for enhanced sound clarity, powerful servers to keep the information safe, auxiliary servers and internet connections channels

We are working in client’s time zone

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Sales Manager responsible for sales in Romania and Ukraine:

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