How do you protect confidential information?

We take all necessary steps in order to ensure that confidential information is secured and not disclosed by our employees. Confidentiality and/or Non Disclosure clause will be included in the terms and conditions of the agreement we will sign.

How would you describe the project process and how do you achieve the desired outcome?

We use well-established project management methodologies and design individual business-processes for each client. We compose individual scripts and have a set of guiding principles for the testing environment in order to achieve the desired result.

How can you assure us that your employees are qualified experts?

Our training center builds training materials for employees to grow up properly till the expert level and prepares them to work according to individual business-processes elaborated for each client. All employees are tested before proceeding to the job in order to prove if they have developed all necessary skills.

How does the trial period work?

During the trial period, only a part of the calls is being transferred to our contact center. After its’ termination, a common decision is taken, regarding the timeframes and workflow steps for the full outsourcing.

How can I monitor the quality of provided services?

Contact center’s software provides the reporting possibility for all the incoming and outgoing calls (number of calls, abandoned call rate, call duration, line hold time, sales rate, etc.) All calls are recorded and will be saved on the server during the agreed period of time.

Sometimes customers get used to receive personal approach services from a specific employee. What will be the solution for this situation?

When customers get used to a certain employee, as a result you get a customer that does not require the services of the company but only the services of that specific expert. In case if the employee quits the job, you will lose for sure this client. However, in case of high quality service provision by all customer service experts, the customer is no longer interested in his “personal manager”.

Could I request your services for a couple of days?

No, we prepare specialized teams for each company apart. So it doesn’t make sense for us to work with a company just for several days. Our aim is long-term relation and business.

What is the cost of your services?

The cost of the services provided by the contact center staff is calculated as a monthly rate for each individual employee.

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